Dear Greg Walden: Your silence is deafening.

Dear Greg Walden,


Your silence is deafening.

The president is tweeting like it’s a loaded gun. He’s offending our allies abroad. He’s inflaming violent white nationalists in this country. He’s attacking the free press and the judiciary.

And you say nothing. You haven’t condemned the violence in Portland. You haven’t expressed dismay over the instability the president is causing abroad.

Democratic candidate for congress Kim Weaver pulled out of the race because of death threats. Journalists were arrested for covering protests. Nonviolent protesters were attacked. White nationalists interfered in police action in Portland. Conservative pundits called for Muslim internment camps.

You say nothing.

There was a time when political difference meant discourse not violence. There was a time when statesmen would have stood up for peaceful political process, the First Amendment, the independent judiciary, and the ability of all Americans to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

From your silence, I can only conclude that you no longer care about these things. Your silence is complicity in white nationalism, Russian interference in this government, and human rights violations on our own soil. I see you, Mr. Walden, and I wonder what happened to your values.



Dr. A.J. Keyser