Let’s do better

Greg Walden has represented Oregon’s Second Congressional District for almost 20 years, but he’s out of touch with the issues that we care about. Walden tried to take away healthcare from 400,000 Oregonians. He voted against equal access to the internet for all. He voted against equal pay for women. Now he’s pushing a tax cut for millionaires. His agenda is driven by large corporate interests and Washington politics. According to the Bend Bulletin, Walden has supported 100% of President Trump’s agenda.    

It’s time for change in Oregon.

Greg Walden no longer works for the majority of Oregonians. We deserve better government and a more responsive representative.

If you care about—

Affordable health care for all

Sensible fire management

Equal access to the internet

Equitable use of water resources

Keeping public lands public

Equal pay for equal work

Supporting Oregon families

Ensuring affordable housing and quality jobs

Then join us, Oregonians for Better Government, in working toward an American Dream that is accessible to everyone.